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I love the creativity. it's surprising to see a super expensive bag being sold to people with funny stories and exaggerations. It's nice to know that everything doesn't have to be serious...

Jon, I love the picture of the elephant on the bag. I hope there is a warranty on the camera in the bag. This reminds me of the warranty I used to be proud to market through Eddie Bauer. When I started there in 1992 they still honored Eddie's trademark service. We even honored it for a hiker who came into the store because his toe was sticking through his leather boot. He did admit that he had hiked for many years in them. EB does not honor that original guarantee any more. It is good to know it can still be found some place in the world.
BTW I will never look at pigs the same way again, yikes!

i like this part of the post:"For example, some of our products have pigskin interiors which generally have a smooth, higher finished quality. However, sometimes one of these pieces will have a scrape or scar-type marking on it.
" is very good

* be happy together is good enough. I am not asking for things that I could never get.

This site is very interesting and also great.

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