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what happens if you reverse the direction? You zoom in on an existing culture, create a platform and offer an innovation?

I haven't thought about it that way...but it sounds like something that could be done in rare instances.

You have to really get deep into a culture and find out what it's missing in order to create something that culture wants.

As a practical matter, I'm not sure that you can truely get to the "Culture" level of the Value Pyramid without first creating a platform from which value can delivered. If "Culture" represents the common values and behavioral characteristics of a group of individuals, then I think that Shruti's reverse direction is compelling - except I would put it a different sequence (i.e. zoom in on an existing culture, offer an innovation that provides value to that culture, and then create a platfom to deliver that value. It is a rare occurance when the value is so profound that it transforms culture.


That depends how you define a platform. For this specific post, a platform allows others to directly deliver value through your platform. So Facebook is a platform and makers of Facebook apps are thriving. Apple's iTunes store is a platform. Conferences like ad:tech are platforms.

My example of Gatorade having built a solution and a culture without a platform deserves scrutiny. Certainly there are distributors and maybe bottlers that are making money off of Gatorade. There may even be apparel makers selling t-shirts with Gatorade logos attached. But this is intuitively not a platform like the "platforms" I'm alluding to above.

*People enjoy the characters are not happy.

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