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I like this concept. Here's an idea that may dovetail with the teaching concept:

Using existing community orgs, a workshop that teaches young and old alike to think like a successful entrepreneur could engage local residents with initial brainstorming sessions to devise solutions to local problems that have commercial potential.

The students can ultimately agree on one or more of the ideas to move forward through the process of entrepreneurship. The students become the team and must determine the roles they each will play in moving through the stages of bringing the idea to fruition. Once the class has determined a channel of focus, they are assigned a mentor who helps move them through the process, assigning goals and timelines while the team assigns tasks. They learn as they go.

The workshop then starts up another brainstorming session to recruit another class that will eventually become another team with another idea they seek to bring to fruition. And another mentor will be assigned to the group.

And then the process is repeated again.

Your thoughts?

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