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I work for a very large corporation, and they restrict access to *everything* - email, social media, and all sorts of other things that you wouldn't even think would be restricted. And then you can't access many things that aren't restricted because we still use IE6! The logic is not so much about productivity (almost everyone has a smartphone, after all) but exposure. If one employee accesses offensive content and someone else is exposed to it, the company is potentially liable. So instead of addressing any part of that situation, they make it really hard for you to have access to the content in the first place.

instead of restricting, companies should be encouraging their employees to get involved in their social media outreach by participating on tweets, facebook posts and more... we have a competition to see who will be foursquare mayor at one of my clients' offices. it's a fun way to be inclusive and build company culture.

I liked this, so I reposted this on our Twitter feed @jpatrickjobs

I am simply out of words after reading your blog. I want to appreciate the way you handled such a complicated subject.

"An action like restricting social media access, can be interpreted as a signal that your company doesn't trust you to get your work done."- This has hit the spot for me. Oppressing your employees' right to something as simple as logging in to social media can be interpreted as a mistrust of the company.

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