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Congrats on this exciting milestone for you.

Something weird happens when you offer a book for FREE: I assume that the FREE book is fluff, and thus quite ignorable. I have bought 5 of Seth's books (with real money), and devoured all of them.

I will never devour a free book. My brain tells me it's not worth the effort. Otherwise it would cost something.

Something to think about.

Free is these posts and articles. Free should never be a book worth reading, because we won't. And then we both lose.

Next time, say that the digital book costs only $17 (or whatever), but that Citrix is sponsoring the first 500 digital downloads, so grab your copy right away before they're all snatched up!

Make me value it a bit more.

Again - just a thought that can help you.

I will have to go and have a look through that. I am constantly thinking up new ways to sharpen up on my business skills. I think there are plenty of other entrpreneurs out there which could do with these ideas.

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