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I, out of the blue decided to write a book. Do I think I will make millions? LOL.. by far and not the reason I am writing it. It is a personal journey and most of all it is just one of those things that I know in time if I did not at least try it, I would be disappointed in myself. Mine is simple, more for kids ages 6 or 7 and up. So hopeful cost will be much lower. Good thing is my son is a designer, I am an artist and have great friends who know how to edit. So that really helps on a do-it- yourself project. I want to make a go at it and I also, go back and forth, will it fail? Scared to make a fool of myself and lack of confidence. I guess, if all does, at least I can say I did it. Can others say that?

Vickie, that's so good...absolutely share your art with the world!

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